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What We Do

Welcome To TheNewsHOOK! We are a website that provides a creative news toolkit for print and broadcast journalists, reporters, and other content providers. A good journalism tool improves your ability to report the news. TheNewsHOOK is especially good at this because we apply advanced news analytics and tools to bring key insights and metrics to the surface from trending news stories and even your own writing.

The core of our website is the analysis tool that uses machine learning to break down news stories into their most fundamental contents. We distill the important places, people, keywords, narrative metrics, and more, and put these key puzzle pieces right on your dashboard, offering a news toolkit that you won’t find anywhere else!

To stay current, journalists need to be taking in content at a pace and with an understanding that is simply impossible to achieve today by reading everything start to finish. As a research tool, our rapid analysis platform allows you to quickly see more deeply into news stories, or even parse through many of them quickly and still get the crucial details.

We are the cliff notes for news stories! Enjoy using our platform.