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What We Do

Welcome To TheNewsHOOK! We created this site for people who don't just want to read the news, but want to learn the news too. It is easy to quickly read an article and think you know what's going on. We all do it. But to really grasp what's happening requires more research and effort.

Right now, there are many different ways to keep up with today's current events, including skimming through headlines, reading articles, keeping an eye on trends, social media, tweets, TV, etc. But how do you coordinate all these scattered efforts in a streamlined and effective way?

TheNewsHOOK is that unifying news platform. What we do is, for each article, we show the most informative part of the narrative and then filter out the rest so that all that's left are the key data points. This removes the fluff and sets up the learning process for you! The filtered data includes things like the important people, places, organizations, and more. We then put these puzzle pieces right on your dashboard as links into larger economies of information. Connect together the pieces of information you find interesting to build your own mental model of the story and of the world.

We are the cliff notes for whats happening in the news. Enjoy using our platform!