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Vladimir Putin time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,101px,2400px,1256px&resize=1200,628&strip
Vladimir Putin Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
simu liu time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,255px,1800px,943px&resize=1200,628&strip
Simu Liu Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Gabriel Boric time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,16px,1919px,1006px&resize=1200,628&strip
Gabriel Boric Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
social time100 2022 jpg?quality=85
TIME100: The Most Influential People of 2022
mia mottley time100 2022 social 1 jpg?quality=85
Mia Mottley Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Khurram Parvez T100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,647px,1800px,942px&resize=1200,628&strip
Khurram Parvez Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Michael R  Jackson time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,715px,1920px,1006px&resize=1200,628&strip
Michael R. Jackson Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Andrew Garfield time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,516px,1920px,1005px&resize=1200,628&strip
Andrew Garfield Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
zendaya time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,359px,1898px,993px&resize=1200,628&strip
Zendaya Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
dmitry muratov time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
Dmitry Muratov Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Timnit Gebru time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,108px,1920px,1006px&resize=1200,628&strip
Timnit Gebru Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Emily Oster time100 2022 social jpg?quality=85
Emily Oster Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Nadine Smith time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,619px,1920px,1006px&resize=1200,628&strip
Nadine Smith Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Genome adam phillippy karen miga evan eichler michael schatz time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
Genome Researchers: TIME100 2022
GettyImages 1398002674 jpg?quality=85&w=1024&h=628&crop=1
Time to Stop Giving Christianity a Pass on White Supremacy
Colombia Cristina Villarreal Velasquez Ana Cristina Gonzalez Velez time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
Colombia Abortion Activists: TIME100 2022
ron desantis time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
Ron DeSantis Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
nathan chen time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,208px,1600px,837px&resize=1200,628&strip
Nathan Chen Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
joe biden time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
Joe Biden Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Derrick Palmer Christian Smalls time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,722px,1920px,1006px&resize=1200,628&strip
Chris Smalls and Derrick Palmer: TIME100 2022
volodymyr zelensky time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,422px,1796px,940px&resize=1200,628&strip
Volodymyr Zelensky Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Umar Ata Bandial time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,54px,1415px,741px&resize=1200,628&strip
Umar Ata Bandial Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Rafael Nadal time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,443px,2400px,1256px&resize=1200,628&strip
Rafael Nadal Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
vaccine kids jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
Pfizer Says 3 COVID-19 Shots Protect Children Under 5
T100quotesfeaturedfinal jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
9 Leaders on the 2022 TIME100 on What Gives Them Hope
Variant Tulio de Oliveira Sikhul social jpg?quality=85
Tulio de Oliveira and Sikhulile Moyo: TIME100 2022
Miranda Lambert time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
Miranda Lambert Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Ariana DeBose time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
Ariana DeBose Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
bi1 jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
Biden Says U.S. Will Defend Taiwan Militarily From China
valeriy zaluzhny time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,103px,2400px,1256px&resize=1200,628&strip
Valeriy Zaluzhnyy Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
pay transparency laws jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
How Pay Transparency Laws Impact Business—and Workers
Adele time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,504px,1920px,1006px&resize=1200,628&strip
Adele Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Taika Waititi time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,443px,1600px,836px&resize=1200,628&strip
Taika Waititi Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
sonia guajajara T100 social jpg?quality=85
Sônia Guajajara Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
syria Anwar Al Bunni Mazen Darwish time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
Anwar Al Bunni and Mazen Darwish: TIME100 2022
zelensky davos jpg?quality=85&w=1024&h=628&crop=1
Zelensky Urges 'Maximum' Sanctions on Russia in Davos Talk
Bela Bajaria time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=642px,253px,1428px,748px&resize=1200,628&strip
Bela Bajaria Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Mila Kunis time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,155px,1920px,1005px&resize=1200,628&strip
Mila Kunis Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
karuna nundy time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,574px,1600px,836px&resize=1200,628&strip
Karuna Nundy Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
Soccer Megan Rapinoe Becky Sauerbrunn Alex Morgan time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team Players: TIME100 2022
Sally Rooney time100 2022 social jpg?quality=85
Sally Rooney Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
time logo og
Education: Why Johnny Can't Read
Biden 3 jpg?quality=85&w=1024&h=628&crop=1
Biden's Focus on 'Shared Values' May Be a Blunder in Asia
maya lin time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,497px,2400px,1256px&resize=1200,628&strip
Maya Lin Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List
dead body pawn shop police minneapolis george floyd jpg?quality=85&w=1200&h=628&crop=1
Police Arrest Woman After 6-Year-Old Son Is Found in Trunk
Female Anchors jpg?quality=85&w=1024&h=628&crop=1
Taliban Enforcing Face-Cover Order for Female TV Anchors
baby formula jpg?quality=85&w=1024&h=628&crop=1
78,000 Pounds of Infant Formula Heading to U.S.
Diebedo Francis Kere time100 2022 jpg?quality=85&crop=0px,345px,2400px,1256px&resize=1200,628&strip
Francis Kéré Is on the 2022 TIME 100 List