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20200918 johndurham ap 773
House Dems call for an ‘emergency’ DOJ watchdog review of Durham probe
20200917 donaldtrump ap 773
Trump’s bluster and millions haven't stopped universal mail-in voting plans
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'Talk about losers': The top moments from CNN’s kid-gloves town hall with Biden
Trump says U.S. will have vaccine doses for all Americans in April
200917 olivia troye 773
Ex-Pence aide blasts Trump over Covid response, says she’ll vote for Biden
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White House blocked FDA commissioner from testifying to House panel
200917 florida mail ballots ap 773
More than 35,000 mail-in ballots were rejected in Florida primary
19912 eliot engel ap 773
Engel subpoenas head of government's foreign broadcast media agencies
200917 trump ap 4 773
Trump says a Harris vice presidency is ’no way for a woman’ to become president
200917 bernie marcus ap 773
Cash-strapped Trump campaign awaits a bailout from big donors
200918 biden ap 773
Biden’s polling lead nears magic number
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CDC reverses course on testing for asymptomatic people who had Covid-19 contact
1000w q95
Pentagon rewriting pandemic playbook after study faults Covid-19 response
191210 christopher wray gty 773
Trump hits FBI director again over testimony on antifa, Russia
USDA readies $14B more in payouts to farmers
200918 trump ap 773
Trump 'very happy' to keep TikTok alive if security issues resolved
Biden’s weakness with Black and Latino men creates an opening for Trump
200918 joe biden ap 773
Poll: Biden up by 9 points in Arizona, tied with Trump in North Carolina
200918 portland protest police ap 773
Court grapples with protections for journalists in Portland unrest
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Education Department investigates Princeton for admitting ‘systemic racism’ on campus
200812 dhs gty 773
DHS whistleblower looks to delay testimony amid effort to access classified intel
200917 trump 3 ap 773
‘More dire than we think’: Health officials brace for Trump diatribes
200917 mcmaster ap 773
H.R. McMaster rebukes Trump over Taliban talks
Florida Democrats have built a vote-by-mail lead. Now comes the hard part
20200917 redfield gty 773
Vaccine distribution isn’t as easy as Trump wants people to think
200918 tiktok gty 773
Commerce Department outlines restrictions on TikTok, WeChat in the U.S.
ap20261689846864 773
Opinion | Trump’s War on The New York Times Hits the Classroom
200918 terry branstad ap 773
Outgoing China ambassador: Trump ‘believed the Chinese’ early in pandemic
ap20184565032044 1
Congressional leaders clash on measure to sidestep election-year shutdown
American colleges are the new Sweden
200918 portland protest ap 773
Justice Department explored possibility of charging Portland officials amid unrest
Warning sign? More than 35k mail-in ballots rejected — Democrats have large vote-by-mail lead in Florida — Shocked by strength of Hurricane Sally
gettyimages 859717026 1
Trump's climate change rollbacks to drive up U.S. emissions
Trump assails 'toxic propaganda' amid racial unrest
gettyimages 1258061233 1
New racial justice target: Defund the police foundations
California has to replace millions of N95 masks decertified by federal government
200518 world health org tedros ap 773
Go-it-alone attitude dents WHO's "global solution" to pandemic
Restaurants, venues stare into the abyss
webp net resizeimage (2)
Bill would require certain containers, bags to be made with some recycled material
ap20218586813096 1
Big Ten revives fall football in Trump-backed turnaround
FTC’s Slaughter on Trump EO
img 3367
BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Safiya Ghori-Ahmad, South Asia director at McLarty Associates
nerdcast 0918
Was the TikTok face-off 'security theater'?
Two K-12 students on the classZoom
Esper fights nuclear cuts
200918 pelosi ap 773
POLITICO Playbook: How a Covid deal could come together
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