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Border agents use tear gas to stop nearly 50 undocumented migrants who stormed Rio Grande bridge
omar trump AOC AP
AOC says Trump 'relished' rally chant about Omar, doesn't want to be president anymore
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Daniel Turner: California's latest descent into liberal madness – Berkeley bans natural gas
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Britain warns of 'serious consequences' if Iran doesn't release seized tanker as regime insists it was 'reciprocal' move
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Arizona Dem Kyrsten Sinema joins GOP in push for program that would quickly deport migrants without valid asylum claims
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New footage by Iran purportedly shows commandos rappelling onto UK-flagged oil tanker
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Florida Dem admits lying about treating Pulse shooting victims: 'I just made it up'
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Beauty queen, a Trump fan, dethroned after conservative views ruled 'insensitive,' she says
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Officials seize $5 million in gold bars at Heathrow Airport, reportedly from drug cartel
Virginia Democrats vow to boycott legislature's 400th anniversary celebration if Trump attends
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Bernie Sanders defends campaign staff salaries after accusations of 'poverty wages'
Chris Hayes
MSNBC host says Trump supporters' 'rage' must be 'destroyed': 'It cannot be negotiated with'
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Hungary backs Trump on asylum crackdown as it touts its own border success
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On Apollo 11 anniversary, Pence announces that Orion capsule for manned Moon missions is ready for debut flight
Pete Buttigieg says he's obligated 'with the privilege of whiteness' to speak out on systemic racism
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School district warns parents: Pay lunch bill or kids may go into foster care
Ohio pharmaceutical distributor accused of flooding Appalachia with opioids
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Teenagers push woman's broken down car more than five miles to her home
park foret police department
Illinois, Massachusetts police departments tell criminals to stay inside during heat wave
South Dakota woman survives freak lawn mower accident that left her neck sliced open
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Fred Fleitz: Don't ignore Reps. Omar and Tlaib and their hateful anti-Semitic, anti-Israel rhetoric
FS American Flag
WATCH: Veteran climbs flag pole, fixes American flag at Navy SEAL monument
Bill Pulte trump
CEO Bill Pulte: Trump changed the 'reality of philanthropy' with one tweet helping combat vet
c5577330 plant
3 million gallons of 'untreated sewage' spill into Puget Sound after power outage, prompting beach closures
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Puerto Rico's governor goes AWOL as protesters gather outside his residence, US officials call to step down
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Fox News voter fraud 'expert' gets humiliated in court after being sued by voters
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Buzz Aldrin on his 'disappointment' with NASA; says he wants the US to go directly to Mars
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Hannity warns Iran, 'You will lose,' calling for 'next generation of weaponry'
Emanuela Orlandi
Expert says Vatican space holds bones of dozens amid bid to solve girl’s 1983 disappearance
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Heatwave across US could see feels-like temps reach triple digits this weekend, NWS warns
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Max Lucado: How to really love your neighbor… yes, the one who is nothing like you
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Tom Del Beccaro: Tom Steyer and AOC will be the generals in Democrats' civil war
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Trump offers to 'vouch' for A$AP Rocky in call with Swedish PM
Mike Pence: We’re heading back to the moon and then on to Mars
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Geraldo Rivera, Fox News Pundit, Says President Trump’s Words ‘Made it Impossible’ to Deny Racism
Hunter Joe Biden GettyImages 520783510
Biden joined by son Hunter on campaign trail at California fundraiser
trump exec order lies
BIG NOPE! Trump Posts Fox News Video Claiming that ‘He’s Delivered on All of His Promises’
Dan Gainor: Media convict of Trump of racism and moon program of sexism
Russian boxer Maksim Dadashev undergoes brain surgery after devastating loss: reports
Fox News Reports: Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand Father Worked For NXIVM Sex Cult
christian adams
Fox News’ so-called ‘voter fraud’ expert gets smacked down and discredited for his bogus claims
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Billionaire Tom Steyer, at first campaign event, says he doesn't see himself as rich
Justice With Judge Jeanine [FULL] | Justice With Judge Jeanine Fox News Today
06 AP19179041439367
Dem governors fear down-ballot impact of 2020 candidates' far-left positions: 'It scares people'
Fox News Pundit Geraldo Rivera Says Trump’s Words ‘Made it Impossible’ to Deny Racism
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Andrew McCarthy: 'The squad' vs. Trump – Progressive left still hasn't figured out how to beat the president
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Fox News correspondent Kristen Fisher's discusses family's ties to NASA on Apollo 11 anniversary
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Fans accuse 'Cats' movie of 'whitewashing' black lead actress after trailer debuts
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