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Mideast Saudi MERS Latino
Coronavirus: 56 dead and 1,975 infected as Canada reports 1st case
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Trump legal team goes on offense in impeachment trial, accuse Democrats of 'massive' election interference
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Full video released of Trump discussing Ukraine ambassador’s ouster: Watch the tape
Trump Newsom AP
Trump admin threatens to revoke federal funding from California over abortion coverage mandate
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Jesse Watters says 'it's over' after watching Trump legal team's opening Senate impeachment defense
New England Patriots' Benjamin Watson says pro-life issues shouldn't be partisan after March for Life
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Unstoppable Rudy: "I can't sit by and watch my country be sold out by Joe Biden", Fox News gives him segment to make his case
Schiff stands by 'head on a pike' remark in Senate impeachment speech amid GOP furor
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Trump insults Democrats, calls on followers to watch Fox News ahead of impeachment trial
sanders AOC AP
AOC bashes ICE, Sanders bashes Trump during Iowa rally
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The Trump Legal Team’s Entire Defense Is Just Recycled Fox News Talking Points
Schiff refers to CBS 'head on pike' story, infuriating GOP: 'Every one of us knows it is not true'
China coronavirus AP
Chinese coronavirus outbreak sparks evacuation of US citizens, diplomats from Wuhan: report
Gregory Rieves Illinois State Police District Chicago
Woman fatally shoots retired trooper, injures two others at Chicago-area cigar bar before shooting self
Obese Bear KDVR
'Obese' bear removed from Pennsylvania club after living in poor conditions for 'possibly decades': report
Jeffrey Toobin CNN
CNN's Jeffrey Toobin complains about 'white men' filling Trump's legal team
Campbell County Bus Crash
Covington Catholic bus involved in fatal crash in Kentucky on return from March for Life rally
Election 2020 Andrew Yang 65630 jpg dbee2 c0 280 6557 4104 s1200x700 jpg?a0a04c767944b4f4cc21a4afc1d7747c01950cae
Andrew Yang, 2020 candidate, calls out DNC for excluding Fox News from Democratic primary debates
Angel Mom: Dems won't fight for their fellow Americans because of their 'illegal criminal first agenda'
Watters' World 1/25/20 | Fox News January 25, 2020
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Daughter of US hostage in Lebanon call on Trump to act: 'We need him back ASAP'
Aggressive Trump defense at impeachment trial expected to begin Saturday
Justice With Judge Jeanine 1/25/20 | Fox News January 25, 2020
Haylee Martin Franklin County Sheriffs Office KY
Kentucky sheriff finds missing girl, 17, after psychics tell him he would
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Watch the Fox News Town Hall! · Pete for America
Life, Liberty & Levin 1/25/20 | Breaking Fox News January 25, 2020
Trump Pence AP
Trump rates his legal team's performance in Senate impeachment trial
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Trump's appearance at March for Life meant 'everything' to marchers, Rachel Campos-Duffy says
Trump speaks to Fox News on being first US president to attend March for Life
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Elizabeth Warren wins endorsement of Des Moines Register, Iowa’s top newspaper
Ari Melber Getty
MSNBC's Ari Melber says Dems didn't 'provide enough evidence' to prove Trump obstructed Congress
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Mark Penn: Trump impeachment is an unproductive exercise in political rage – It’s time to end trial
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Fox News’ Sean Hannity to interview Trump before the Super Bowl
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China leader calls coronavirus outbreak a grave situation as officials scramble to contain disease
Justice With Judge Jeanine 1/25/20 FULL | Breaking Fox News January 25, 2020
This is the success story Dana Perino just had to tell
play area 3 Brigette Doby 1
3-year-old girl's Target, Starbucks-themed playroom goes viral: 'This is so cute!'
Del Rey Packing Fresno County Sheriffs Office 1
California woman dies after getting caught in raisin-processing machine, police say
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Andrew McCarthy: Trump impeachment trial should let him justify why he wanted Bidens investigated
The Ingraham Angle 1/25/20 | Breaking Fox News January 25, 2020
Democracy 2020 Digest: Longtime RNC committee member in New Hampshire ousted by grassroots
Watters' World 1/25/20 FULL | Breaking Fox News January 25, 2020
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Dan Gainor: In impeachment trial coverage, liberal media heap praise on Schiff and Democrats prosecuting Trump
Skeleton Arizona DPS
Arizona driver caught in HOV lane with skeleton riding shotgun
sddefault live
Justice With Judge Jeanine 1/25/20 | Fox News Today January 25, 2020
pete stark
Former US Rep. Pete Stark, California Dem who helped draft ObamaCare legislation, dies at 88
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SURPRISE! Trump's FOX News Impeachment Defense Team Begins with 6 'Facts' that Are All Lies
Justice With Judge Jeanine 1/25/20 | Breaking Fox News | January 25, 2020
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