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Fox News

Liz Cheney ousted from role as House GOP Conference chair; replacement still unclear
Times Square suspect scene
Times Square shooting suspect arrested in Florida: sources
Anthony Fauci NIAID Director AP
Republicans propose bill to fire Fauci amid growing discontent with top Biden medical officials
biden crisis collage 2
Battered Biden under siege as crises confound the White House
Hannity JBU 1
HANNITY: ‘I Would Like to Negotiate Publicly That the Fox News Channel Leave New York City’ | Sean Hannity
NYPD officers pause softball game to help woman who got in a car crash
Marilyn Mosby 1 jpg?w=1200&h=800&ixlib=react 9 0 3
FCC Commissioner Blasts Democrat Complaint Against Fox News Affiliate: FCC Is Not ‘DNC’s Speech Police’
Liz Cheney defiant in floor speech ahead of House GOP vote to oust her as conference chair
Reps. Cawthorn, Foxx introduce bill to prevent federal funds from being used to push critical race theory
Ron DeSantis Florida Governor AP
Florida Gov. DeSantis touts bonuses for policemen, beating lockdowns and banning 'Zuckerbucks'
Democrat Del Rio, Texas mayor: Biden admin telling me border is 'under control'
aoc pelosi
Pelosi, AOC’s comments on airstrikes in Gaza and Israel underscores divide among Democrats
Liz Cheney Vote Ousted AP
Cheney defiant after House GOP vote, says she'll do 'everything I can' to keep Trump from Oval Office
gas station fight
Drivers fight at North Carolina gas station as fuel shortage persists, video shows
Darrell issa Joe biden
Rolling to Remember: Issa introduces bill forcing Biden to allow DC Memorial Day biker tradition
Rand Paul: Dr. Fauci lied to Congress about Wuhan lab research funding
cruz reid
Ted Cruz fires back after Joy Reid's 'Django' attack: 'Why is MSNBC ok with hosts using overt racial slurs?'
Elise Stefanik NY Congresswoman AP
After Cheney ouster, Stefanik promises 'disciplined, unified message' in pitch for leadership post
pro palestinian 2
Protests break out across US as violence escalates between Israel and Hamas
Gaza City airstrike
Israeli airstrike kills top Hamas commander as Netanyahu vows ‘iron fist if needed’
Rashida Tlaib Gilad Erdan
Israeli ambassador accuses Tlaib of 'stoking tensions' over Al-Aqsa mosque
Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson: The White House approves gasoline shortage, it's their Green New Deal
Border crisis: GOP senator introduces bill allowing local police to enforce immigration laws
GettyImages 625155300
Ellen DeGeneres ending talk show in 2022 after year of brutal headlines
609b3d76210000b4627f14d1 jpeg?cache=jth5sxu7fj&ops=1778 1000
Colbert's 'Late Show' Offers Perfect Cure For Fox News Disease In Scathing Takedown
football laces istock
Youth football drill goes viral and causes massive outrage: 'This is child abuse'
corey pujols mug
Dunkin’ employee accused of throwing fatal punch after customer allegedly used racial slur
20 governors urge Biden to act on border crisis, hit 'unacceptable' plans to house migrants in states
image jpg?width=1200&coordinates=0,15,0,15&height=600
'Battered Biden' headline backfires on 'irredeemably awful' Fox News as president enjoys 63% approval
john kerry 1
John Kerry denies telling Iranian foreign minister about Israeli operations in Syria
The Pentagon US Department of Defense building725
Judicial Watch Sues for Records of Pentagon Communications about Tucker Carlson and Fox News
Mike Pompeo: Biden's stance on Israel and Iran 'emboldens terrorists'
Migrant encounters in April more than 900% higher than last year
2021 05 12 05 04 waynedupree 609c0a9401ce3
Fox News Reports Biden's "Presidency" Appears to be Collapsing - WayneDupree.com
3 Army soldiers charged after guns found at Chicago mass shooting traced to illegal weapons pipeline
dan bongino trey gowdy
Dan Bongino, Trey Gowdy Land Weekend Shows on Fox News
School Reopening AP
Oklahoma City school board denounces new law banning critical race theory as protecting 'White fragility'
Handgun Texas
Fast-growing gun group launches concealed carry super PAC
lemon cuomo cooper Getty images
CNN avoids Israel-Hamas conflict during primetime, spends over 90 minutes on Liz Cheney
Cruz Reid Getty MSNBC
MSNBC's Joy Reid suggests Ted Cruz betraying his own race by opposing For the People Act: 'Beyond offended'
US Military iStock
Missouri bar responds to outrage after bartender crumples up military ID, calls it fake
Brian Kilmeade: Evidence mounts supporting Wuhan lab leak theory
Ingraham: Biden is out of gas, is now America's problem denier
baier 100 votes gop cheney
FOX News Anchor Bret Baier: Liz Cheney Probably Got Support Based on this Move
Tristyn Bailey
Florida girl Tristyn Bailey was stabbed to death in 'cold-blooded murder,' sheriff says
Migrant Children US Mexico Border AP
US foster care system already stretched to the max as unaccompanied minors continue to cross southern border
Jimmy Inn
California police officer killed while responding to domestic call, leaves behind family, including baby
Gregg Jarrett: It's time to crush Big Tech censorship before Facebook, Twitter and others crush us