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190718 donald trump north carolina se 201p 5e5144b82290d46c4c46b6aa670de684 nbcnews fp 1200 630
NBC News poll of the South: Voters' support for Trump grows, residents see race relations improving
190720 joe biden al 1121 af37ae0ddfb7226b3d443f09a5e687e8 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Latino votes could swing the Democratic primary. And the candidates know it.
nn mhu couple killed on canadian highway 190720 1920x1080 nbcnews fp 1200 630
American woman and Australian boyfriend found dead along highway in Canada
190720 aap rocky al 0930 5069a202ca66bcf3e0f273aa82a3a27e nbcnews fp 1200 630
Swedish PM warns Trump rapper ASAP Rocky won't get special treatment
190719 heat new york city mn 1200 5f15b85fa8a83471758abc3c0b528442 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Heat waves fall hardest on poor and elderly, experts say
190720 buzz aldrin al 1043 2a5e4b36a5e989eac98027ae628fae6d nbcnews fp 1200 630
Apollo 11's Buzz Aldrin says moon landing was chance to prove 'America's can-do spirit'
190720 chynna noelle deese 2x1 al 1149 d331a3522ecab57096003934548965e6 nbcnews fp 1200 630
American woman, 23, and Australian boyfriend, 24, found dead along highway in Canada
190719 charlottesville white nationalists riot 2017 ac 1119p eee3e4d45d59590de5b80a21fbc33b31 nbcnews fp 1200 630
3 members of white supremacist group sentenced for violence at rallies
190720 erica thomas al 1407 e900f32d272c9d5dc8234f8bd1be407e nbcnews fp 1200 630
Black Georgia lawmaker says white man told her to 'go back' to where she came from
190720 danai gurira al 1037 b2a3f315e7dc2e4bc0beb23ca1d277d8 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Danai Gurira, who stars as Michonne on 'The Walking Dead,' leaving show after new season
nn kpa heat wave power grids 190720 1920x1080 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Heat wave impacting millions across U.S.
190719 coney island beach ac 1057p 9ef56ffd21969475eb04e0313bc7a2b9 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Heat wave blazes on: 'It's even too hot for ice cream'
190718 kumiko love al 1054 928997b26eb99b4a8f6b3219b4193cfe nbcnews fp 1200 630
The unique budgeting system that helped this single mom pay off $77,000 in debt
nbc social default b6fa4fef0d31ca7e8bc7ff6d117ca9f4 nbcnews fp 1200 630
2 children and 3 adults dead and seven others injured in Texas highway accident
190720 closethecamps al 1435 0c719aa5f0f133e9b14987f1038cdb93 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Japanese Americans among hundreds protesting plan to detain migrant children at Fort Sill
nn kti apollo 11 footage found 190720 1920x1080 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Original recorded footage of the moon landing found
ss 180718 apollo 11 mn 09 c5ad31d21cb55c2dd5b0ef01767e9f39 nbcnews fp 1200 630
The Apollo program got a man to the moon. What will it take to get us back?
190718 ritchie torres mc 1529 2f8d74becf6fadb69c21cbe42d650564 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Gay lawmaker says his congressional run against alleged 'homophobe' is personal
d mach space moonlanding 190718 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Relive the moment Neil Armstrong made history by setting foot on the moon
190720 delaware shooting al 1536 8fb22cc46900c1db7e2ad2fa2948d2ad nbcnews fp 1200 630
Two shot at ManorCare nursing home in Wilmington, Delaware
190719 arak heavy water prod facility 2004 ac 1027p ae18366aabc13c13d94b24250ba665eb nbcnews fp 1200 630
Trump admin weighs tightening restrictions on Iran's nuclear work
2019 07 20t100522z 1920647004 rc1310683e50 rtrmadp 3 vatican bones ce26e3785c841070087ba503cdc80485 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Vatican recovers bones in bid to solve mystery of teen girl missing since 1983
190717 woodstock turmoil cs 150p 3a60374121c8b99dfc47681a2f8af024 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Woodstock 50: How the golden anniversary festival went off track
190718 afghan war mc 8577 039ee3b339eab0979bbaaf21e19aef94 nbcnews fp 1200 630
The U.S. is eager to end its longest war. In interview, Taliban gives little sign it's ready to change.
190719 puerto rico protests ac 839p 5252a83594afed05ebae0e2967d90ec7 nbcnews fp 1200 630
U.S. elected officials call for Puerto Rico governor to resign as protests continue
nn hni tensions with iran 190720 1920x1080 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Iran releases dramatic video of seized British oil tanker
Ott now prison 190719 1920x1080 nbcnews fp 1200 630
The inmates left behind by the First Step Act
nn jma inside huawei 190720 1920x1080 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Does Huawei’s 5G pose a national security threat?
tdy news al blayne wx 190719 1920x1080
US heat wave: Triple-digit temps to impact 200 million
nn jto heat wave health dangers 190720 1920x1080 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Concerns over health as heat wave hits much of U.S.
1163075865 2831e7d582fe2323f4bd6a6e4213938f nbcnews fp 1200 630
'Game of Thrones' cast talks divisive finale, water bottles
190719 veronica mars season4 vmars 104 rf 6294r ac 604p 0946ff1f571c441383b8a0d86e1b0413 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Hulu's 'Veronica Mars' season 4 is the hyperaware reboot fans have been longing for
Video nbcnews fp 1200 630
Nightly News Full Broadcast (July 19th)
Ott now sanders medicare 190717 1920x1080 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Bernie Sanders talks about plan on 'Medicare for All'
Ott now iran 190719 1920x1080 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Tensions between Iran and the West escalate
Ott now asap 190719 1920x1080 nbcnews fp 1200 630
A$AP Rocky ordered to a detention center
f mash sweden planecrash2 190714 nbcnews fp 1200 630
Video captures moment small plane carrying parachutists crashes in Sweden
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