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201124022116 utah monolith 1118 super tease
Utah monolith: Helicopter crew discovers mysterious metal monolith deep in the desert
201122233533 joe biden 1119 super tease
GSA acknowledges Joe Biden's win and begins formal transition
201124014326 david dinkins 0218 file super tease
David Dinkins, New York's first Black mayor, dies at 93
200910115809 john kerry cuba reapertura estados unidos decepcion oppenheimer oped 00000000 super tease
John Kerry: Biden prioritizes climate crisis by naming special envoy
201123195710 09 florida dark money mystery inv super tease
A dark money mystery in Florida state senate race
201123135343 01 dolly parton netflix christmas special super tease
Opinion: Just let Dolly Parton rule the world already
201123054705 donald trump news conference 1120 super tease
Joe Biden unveils his administration as Trump's firewall crumbles
201123130842 03 navajo nation coronavirus health restricted super tease
The Navajo Nation is struggling to survive the coronavirus
201123151249 covid 19 arlignton family psa super tease
Texas family makes Covid-19 PSA about large family gatherings after 15 members contracted the virus
201117065953 elon musk 0903 super tease
Elon Musk is now tied with Bill Gates as world's second richest man
201124000648 us coronavirus 1112 restricted super tease
A new model projects Covid-19 cases in the US will nearly double over the next two months
201123131505 joe biden for ghitis oped super tease
Biden administration: 5 takeaways from the President-elect's first wave of nominations and appointments
201124090206 doctor emotional super tease
Doctor fights back tears describing single day of heartbreaking losses - CNN Video
201124084341 01 nyse 1123 super tease
Stocks soar and Dow tops 30,000 as Biden transition begins
201123225212 01 qantas covid 19 vaccine restricted super tease
Qantas to require Covid vaccinations for international flights
201123154031 hammerhead worm georgia super tease
A snake-like hammerhead worm is popping up in Georgia
201120164454 07 filipino nurses front lines restricted super tease
Covid-19 is taking a devastating toll on Filipino nurses
201108122812 01 bolt ev super tease
GM withdraws support for Trump lawsuit seeking to roll back auto emissions rules
201116155233 07 biden harris economy remarks 1116 super tease
Here's what resources Biden's team gets now that the formal transition is underway
201123153507 janet yellen super tease
Janet Yellen is Biden's pick for Treasury
201123174901 jeopardy interim host ken jennings trnd super tease
Jeopardy names Ken Jennings as its first interim host after death of Alex Trebek
201123201810 nigeria cctv soldiers super tease
Analysis of CCTV footage from Lekki toll gate raises new questions about shooting
201123163520 dole romaine hearts recall super tease
E. coli: Romaine voluntarily recalled over possible E. coli risk, FDA says
201119175637 03 pfizer vaccine vials super tease
Covid-19 vaccines may hurt. CDC's ACIP says people need to know this upfront
201116175611 02 biden climate change states super tease
Opinion: An expert's advice on talking to the climate skeptic in your life
201121185207 01 pennsylvania mail in ballot counting 1112 super tease
Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejects Trump campaign's effort to block counting certain absentee ballots
201120105727 file pope francis vatican 0412 super tease
Pope Francis refers to China's Uyghurs as 'persecuted' for the first time
201122235040 china guide dog 05 super tease
China has 8 million blind people, but only 200 guide dogs
201123162912 pennsylvania holidays alcohol trnd restricted super tease
Pennsylvania to ban alcohol sales at bars and restaurants on Thanksgiving eve in effort to stop coronavirus spread
201123142105 restricted tom moyer apple security chief file super tease
Apple's global security chief and two members of Sheriff's office indicted for alleged bribery
201123135244 trump speaks 1102 super tease
Trump is leaving minority votes on the table
201123212455 giuliani screengrab super tease
'I'm exaggerating a bit': Giuliani's voter fraud admission - CNN Video
201124023352 san francisco police patch super tease
San Francisco officer is charged with on-duty homicide. The DA says it's a first
201123125415 02 white house christmas tree super tease
White House Christmas tree arrives, continuing tradition amid Covid-19 and election disputes
200625171051 03 ford f 150 super tease
Ford's F-150 hybrid pickup is the ultimate remote workspace and nap pod
201123150135 01 trump 1103 super tease
How Trump's fundraising could benefit his post-White House political life
201123054705 donald trump news conference 1120 super tease
Former Republican national security officials call for an orderly transition
201123154026 01 analog mars mission 2018 super tease
Astronauts on a Mars mission will need to be 'conscientious' to work well together
201122233533 joe biden 1119 super tease
READ: GSA letter to Biden stating that transition can formally begin
190822155129 02 general services administration super tease
Trump's effort to steal the election is done
201123125046 file chevrolet avalanche silverado vehicles 2008 restricted super tease
GM recalling 7 million vehicles for airbag problems after losing fight with safety regulator
201123095203 01 man loses then finds wedding band super tease
Good Samaritan helps 93-year-old Rhode Island man find lost wedding ring
201120165627 giuliani trump file super tease
Report of a 'souring' relationship between Trump and Giuliani - CNN Video
201123195710 09 florida dark money mystery inv super tease
Florida's dark money mystery - CNN Video
200202161158 biden warren file super tease
Elizabeth Warren was *never* going to be Treasury secretary
201123122205 thailand monkeys paul barton piano 3 super tease
Calming monkeys with piano music is harder than you think - CNN Video
201124081656 barcelona airport 1119 super tease
IATA says Covid-19 crisis will cost airlines more than $157 billion
201014100226 03 barrett hearing 1014 feinstein super tease
Feinstein to step aside as top Democrat on Senate Judiciary Committee
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