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200917221712 03 trump rally wisconsin 0917 super tease
Fact check: Trump makes at least 25 false claims at Wisconsin rally
200918075744 restricted tiktok app 0830 super tease
US will ban WeChat and TikTok downloads on Sunday
171003195612 president trump arrives in puerto rico in aftermath of hurricane maria devastating the island super tease
Trump administration to announce $13 billion in additional aid to Puerto Rico
200917220906 115 biden town hall 0917 super tease
Biden shows the qualities Trump lacks at CNN town hall
200908014248 02 california el dorado gender reveal wildfire super tease
El Dorado Fire: A firefighter has died in the California fire sparked by a gender reveal party
200917215744 aileen and jordan stevens super tease
Tennessee carjacking: A couple held hostage for hours in deadly rampage
200917190453 02 scott sullivan trnd super tease
Nurse arranges for a plane to fly a dying father to see his son play football one last time
200918153908 president trump super tease
White House tries to play defense with falsehoods about former Pence aide Troye
200917082400 07 colorado orange apple super tease
The 'extinct' Colorado Orange apple: How a couple on a mission found it
200918114027 fairfax early voting lines super tease
See massive turnout for early voting despite pandemic - CNN Video
200916140305 02 michael caputo file super tease
Emails show top HHS official and Trump ally intimidating CDC official
200918120936 01 ts wilfred cnn map 0918 super tease
Tropical Storm Wilfred formed in the eastern Atlantic, completing 2020's list of Atlantic hurricane names
200918114027 fairfax early voting lines super tease
Voters endure long, socially distanced lines to cast early ballots
200918095759 01 tiktok app super tease
TikTok ban on Sunday: Everything you need to know
200918132333 01 university of cincinnati restricted super tease
University of Cincinnati is looking into an instructor that referred to Covid-19 as the 'Chinese virus' in an email to student
200917213655 110 biden town hall 0917 super tease
5 takeaways from Joe Biden's CNN town hall
200918114222 oregon wildfire evacuation 0909 super tease
3 people arrested in Oregon accused of setting up illegal roadblocks
200918165930 02 inherent resolve syria super tease
US sending armored vehicles into Syria as Trump says 'we are out'
200120121345 04 trump 0109 super tease
New revelations reinforce concerns that Trump's political motives are a higher priority than Americans' health
191206085012 dentist riding hoverboard super tease
Alaska dentist, Seth Lookhart, who extracted a patient's tooth on a hoverboard sentenced to 12 years in jail
200609110256 cdc atlanta logo super tease
Controversial coronavirus testing guidance came from HHS and didn't go through CDC scientific review, sources say
200903142822 i voted stickers 0407 super tease
Michigan judge extends deadline for absentee ballots by 2 weeks
200916232031 bill barr hillsdale college ctn 0915 super tease
Barr's latest comments have Justice Department on edge
200918105545 ig nobel alligator super tease
Ig Nobel prize goes to scientists who gave an alligator helium
200918145904 joe rogan file restricted super tease
Joe Rogan spread dangerous misinformation about fires. Now he says he's sorry.
200917165051 101 trump 0917 super tease
Trump won't attend United Nations General Assembly in person
200904115344 01 melania trump 0903 super tease
Melania Trump favorability remains same, according to new poll
200917212139 biden interruption town hall 0917 super tease
Trump voter to Biden: Excuse me, if I could finish ... - CNN Video
200918152213 01 census 2020 super tease
Constitution doesn't require census to be accurate, Trump administration says
200918105247 01 tommy tuberville july 2020 super tease
Tommy Tuberville: This Republican Senate candidate appears to have no idea what the Voting Rights Act is
200918090237 restricted canada tesla charge scli intl super tease
Canadian police charge Tesla driver who was allegedly asleep at the wheel at 90 mph
200913013721 osaka trophy super tease
Naomi Osaka will not play in the French Open
200917205338 106 biden town hall 0917 super tease
Fact-checking Biden's CNN town hall
200917161304 20200916 voting qna illustration overlay tease
Your big questions about voting and the 2020 election, answered
200918101103 north dakota coronavirus testing 0908 super tease
US coronavirus: Case rates are ticking up after weeks of decline
200814213145 usps united states postal service worker file super tease
Washington Post: WH nixed plan to distribute 650 million face masks through USPS
200917182455 01 yosemite national park smoke restricted super tease
Yosemite National Park closes due to hazardous air quality from the wildfires
200916232031 bill barr hillsdale college ctn 0915 super tease
Attorney General Bill Barr compares coronavirus lockdown to slavery - CNN Video
200918120132 restricted venus planet super tease
Venus is a Russian planet -- say the Russians
200918090703 camden nj shooting map super tease
Shots fired at home of two New Jersey police officers who were inside with their 10-day-old child
200322000748 cdc building file super tease
CDC updates Covid-19 testing guidelines for aysmptomatic people
200918144654 raytheon technologies campus file super tease
Raytheon announces 15,000 job cuts
200918134758 01 van morrison file 2020 super tease
Van Morrison protests Covid-19 lockdowns in three new songs
200918072758 sanjay gupta new day 9 18 2020 super tease
'Stunning': Dr. Gupta reacts to Washington Post White House report - CNN Video
180813192458 02 jason lewis mn primary restricted super tease
Trump-backed GOP Senate nominee Jason Lewis mocked elementary school sexual harassment in 1999
200805174131 mark meadows super tease
Fact-checking Mark Meadows's misleading statements on mask efficacy in stopping the spread of coronavirus
200909152558 rosh hashanah shofar super tease
Rosh Hashanah 2020: Here's how to celebrate the Jewish New Year this week
200917130210 breonna taylor protester super tease
Louisville Metro Council passes vote of no confidence against mayor over handling of Breonna Taylor case
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