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Pfizer 3-dose COVID vaccine 80% effective against symptomatic omicron infection for youngest children
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Former state AG due in court for alleged probation violation
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Russian sentenced to life in Ukraine's 1st war crimes trial
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Biden: US would intervene with military to defend Taiwan
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Average US gasoline price jumps 33 cents to $4.71 per gallon
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Florida health officials investigating 3rd possible monkeypox case in US
ashish jha 01 gty iwb 220521 1653150183729 hpMain 16x9 992
Dr. Jha urges Congress to fund 'new generation' of COVID vaccines for possible fall surge
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Jif peanut butter products recalled due to possible salmonella concerns
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Zelenskyy's speech is focus of 1st day of Davos gathering
the note donald trump 01 sh llr 220522 1653253678283 hpMain 16x9 992
Big spread of 'big lie' comes into view for GOP: The Note
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Beijing extends work-from-home order as COVID-19 cases rise
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Russian diplomat to UN in Geneva resigns over war in Ukraine
WireAP ef150c440c484e8c97a14c68d9179c91 16x9 992
After 3 months of war, life in Russia has profoundly changed
WireAP dc1d5eed1f534a3fb047db39dd3e375f 16x9 992
Pennsylvania's Fetterman released from hospital after stroke
WireAP 7159f6f720274f3bb33ec6fc1ad2345b 16x9 992
Biden to lay out in Japan who's joining new Asia trade pact
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Migrant back home after 7 years in Mexico jail unsentenced
WireAP 7380ac4f31904752a22ab6fcbc20c4fd 16x9 992
NBA fines Mavs $100,000 for 3rd bench violation in playoffs
WireAP 15eed910757a42489ad0c2af80c155b5 16x9 992
WHO chief: The COVID pandemic is 'most certainly not over'
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7 dead, 120 others rescued in Philippine ferry fire
trevor reed 03 abc llr 220522 1653232322411 hpMain 16x9 992
'I fought': Trevor Reed speaks out on how he survived nearly 3 years in a Russian prison
stop aapi hate 01 gty iwb 220520 1653063857502 hpMain 16x9 992
Advocates turn to public health approach to combat anti-Asian hate
nyc subway shooting press conference 02 ap llr 220522 1653250664481 hpMain 16x9 992
Police searching for gunman in fatal shooting on NYC subway
WireAP 4382f34d5b394eeb815135916991e8ec 16x9 992
'They ruined everything': Fleeing the devastation in Ukraine
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Video US nuclear deterrent patrols the world’s oceans
EXPLAINER: What's in Biden's proposed new Asia trade pact?
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Russian ties shred German ex-leader Schroeder's standing
WireAP cccc8c03b270454690af0407a1c8265d 16x9 992
Climate to conflict, Davos' post-COVID return has full plate
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Video Candle company raises money for Ukraine
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Kim, other N. Koreans attend large funeral amid COVID worry
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Video Trump endorsement is ‘boost, but not a clincher’ in midterms: Caitlin Dickerson
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Video Landmark smokestack in Massachusetts demolished
WireAP c607e1791f2b4ea5a0e97ee3368a2f4e 16x9 992
UK's Boris Johnson awaits judgment of 'partygate' report
EU to keep budget rules looser for longer amid war fallout
Iran Revolutionary Guard member is shot dead in Tehran
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Video Report: Southern Baptist Convention leaders mishandled sexual abuse allegations
4 teens shot dead within hours in small South Carolina city
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Video Families of victims caught in deadly internet love triangle plot react to apology
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Video Biden invoking the Defense Production Act to import formula overseas
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Harris, surgeon general, warn of health care worker burnout
Chicago White Sox's Tim Anderson suspended 1 game for giving fans middle finger, will appeal
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‘Doctor Strange' remains atop box office as 'Top Gun' looms
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Video Teens and mental health
Obama stage replaces goal posts at Denver's Invesco Field
Police arrest woman after 6-year-old son is found in trunk
No charges for deputy who killed man at North Dakota school
WireAP be44b7a8b5a74f0eb35f9698f44b769e 16x9 992
Xinjiang in focus as UN rights chief arrives for China visit