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cheney rt 3 rc 210512 1620826693011 hpMain 16x9 1600
House Republicans oust Cheney from leadership as she vows to stop Trump
az gov ducey ap ps 210430 1619792790979 hpMain 3 16x9 992
Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signs law to purge voters from permanent early voting list
gas lines gty ml 210512 1620830925911 hpMain 16x9 992
Gas prices hit $3 a gallon for 1st time in nearly 7 years amid Colonial Pipeline saga
texas missing mom ktrk mo 20210511 1620784012116 hpMain 16x9 992
Car with body inside found in pond during search for missing Texas mother, police say
border ht er 210511 1620767300697 hpMain v4x3 16x9 992
5 young migrant children, including an 11-month-old, found abandoned at US-Mexico border
solitary ap er 210511 1620771747643 hpMain 16x9 992
Man who spent 22 years in solitary confinement fights to end the practice
WireAP 171ecd17717543c5922a4eb8ab83af74 16x9 992
Ruling paves way for longer sentence in George Floyd's death
us capitol building ap 210 hpMain 20210512 045822 16x9 992
House Oversight Committee chair to testify that 'government was unprepared' for Capitol riot
mask gty er 210511 1620780541031 hpMain 16x9 992
Pressure builds for CDC to update indoor-mask requirements for vaccinated people
meys ap rc 210511 1620749203083 hpMain 16x9 992
A 'monster': Woman who killed veterans at VA hospital gets 7 life sentences
delta jets mo hpMain 20200717 155337 2 16x9 992
Summer travel expected to surge as Americans take 1st trips since pandemic's start
gas pump gty jef 210511 1620767522489 hpMain 16x9 992
Pipeline cyberattack fuels panic buying, gas shortages, hike in prices
liz cheney vote 01 rtr jc 210511 1620774497175 hpMain 16x9 992
Cheney looms larger for GOP on eve of ouster: The Note
moderna rt er 210511 1620777872852 hpMain 16x9 992
How COVID-19 booster shots could help in global fight against the virus
Virus Outbreak New York 200422 hpMain 20200422 091419 16x9 992
Consumer prices spiked 4.2% in the last 12 months
liz cheney vote 02 rtr jc 210511 1620775074731 hpMain 16x9 992
House Republicans poised to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from leadership for Trump criticism
WireAP 05f1c970b0934121b96e26b51e9a6a97 16x9 992
Suit: Workers lured from India paid $1.20 per hour for years
hiring gty rc 210510 1620653561324 hpMain 16x9 992
Restaurant workers protest poor working conditions and low wages amid coronavirus pandemic
atlanta spa shooting asian hate hyun jung grant 04 rt llr 210319 1616175915336 hpMain 3 16x9 992
Prosecutor seeks hate crime charges, death penalty in Atlanta spa shootings
WireAP 5a6fa14c74dd411e8fcd0b3b530ea197 16x9 992
Top Hong Kong national security officer under investigation
WireAP a9c5b371db274b43bde697388f200533 16x9 992
Dutch club Ajax melts league trophy into star gifts for fans
alejandro mayorkas gty jef 210511 1620768372121 hpMain 16x9 992
Top law enforcement officials to testify on domestic violent extremism
colorado springs shooting 01 ap jc 210511 1620748547915 hpMain 16x9 992
Victims of Colorado Springs birthday party shooting to be identified
marcus arbery rt jt 200511 hpMain 5 v4x3 16x9 992
3 men accused in Ahmaud Arbery killing plead not guilty to hate crime charges
WireAP 845beddda34e48b5addd866a7d961ab3 16x9 992
AAA sees a huge jump in travel over Memorial Day weekend
rochelle walensky gty jef 210511 1620745339728 hpMain 2 16x9 992
CDC director grilled over mask guidance in heated Capitol Hill hearing
WireAP 25e83a3587794c3b8ff4a5854982efb1 16x9 992
Indicted Parkland school superintendent gets $740K severance
tiger loose 1 ht ps 210510 1620660037999 hpMain 16x9 992
Houston tiger's whereabouts remain a mystery as jailed man says he's not the owner
gas ap rc 210511 1620763318141 hpMain 2 16x9 992
Energy secretary: No need to hoard gas amid pipeline shutdown
WireAP f2433ff8c90f459cb8e5065715b1ec17 16x9 992
UN watchdog: Iran has enriched uranium to highest purity yet
Iran state TV says Ahmadinejad will run in presidential race
WireAP 39626a4a49ee46d4bab63adeea1b693e 16x9 992
'Monster': 7 life sentences for ex-hospital worker in deaths
WireAP 49dc121556904b7e8aa1fcb525744022 16x9 992
I-40 span over Mississippi River shut after crack found
WireAP 30d33d59ecb14f6d81fc5516f5f64668 16x9 992
Texas officials back pardoning Floyd for 2004 drug arrest
WireAP f21f3c3421c7424cb7410fad779dfad0 16x9 992
'Saboteur,' ‘St. Elsewhere’ star Norman Lloyd dies at 106
EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Employees Claim 'Horrific' Treatment of Primates at Lab
WireAP 34c270727313405491397655b2b911c1 16x9 992
Beyond vaccines, UNESCO seeks share more global science
WireAP e14c24cac4b64fed8b52dee2597c0fda 16x9 992
UN raises global economic forecast to 5.4% growth in 2021
WireAP 3fd6e06e678740c784f3f011a32b5489 16x9 992
Bear has close call on utility poles in Arizona border city
EU companies could face legal action over Iran contracts
Canada's largest provinces halts AstraZeneca first doses
Group: Sudan forces disperse protest in Khartoum; 2 killed
Judge denies media requests for cameras at Potter hearing
WireAP 137a8834a7b543c79f28243043f3b5ce 16x9 992
Asian stocks follow Wall St lower on inflation fears
WireAP 8d876a697c264fde8861b8cbab4cd70f 16x9 992
Democrats press for broader voter access as GOP resists
WireAP 732c9cfe746943d49b975b597e4b97d2 16x9 992
Famed Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan dead at age 37
Parents sue fraternity over pledge's death in alleged hazing
WireAP 6c67744f4a984b4ea00b1c25c9d5990d 16x9 992
US casinos match best quarter ever; post-COVID hopes rise