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fb1 02 as gty 190820 hpMain 16x9 992
Man arrested who allegedly threatened Hispanics, believed Trump wanted a 'racial war'
new car 03 as ht 190820 hpMain 16x9 992
Antonio Basco, whose wife died in the El Paso Walmart shooting, gets a new car after his is vandalized
fbi 01 as gty 190820 hpMain 16x9 992
Truck driver arrested after allegedly threatening to commit mass shooting at a Memphis church: FBI
thermostat 01 as gty 190820 hpMain 16x9 992
Energy Star's thermostat recommendations surprise the internet
sarmat russian missile st thg 180330 hpMain 16x9 992
Russia refuses to share data after nuclear explosion, alarming monitors, US officials
arrested kid ht ml 190820 hpMain 16x9 992
'Joke or not, these types of comments are felonies': Police arrest Florida teen
marker 2 abc er 190819 hpMain 16x9 992
Texas family sues school, claiming staff laughed while coloring student's head with marker
police tape gty jt 181007 hpMain 4 16x9 992
'The unthinkable is becoming normal': 9-year-old boy gunned down in car, sparking outrage in Durham
trump 2 gty er 190818 hpMain 16x9 992
Trump White House insists economy is strong but weighing tax cuts amid recession fears
fullerton car ap ps 190820 hpMain 16x9 992
'An unspeakable act': Retired administrator was targeted, stabbed to death on Cal State Fullerton campus
WireAP f2f1110e0b7e4ab697e0a54258a7d4d5 16x9 992
California freeway crossing to give wildlife room to roam
joshua burgess flt mug ht ps 190820 hpMain 16x9 992
Father walks into North Carolina police station and confesses to murdering his teenage daughter: Police
jill biden gty jef 190819 hpMain 16x9 992
The Note: The question of electability hangs everywhere
WireAP df115a3ad77b4531bf7eeb422a98c558 16x9 992
Greenland leader again rejects Trump buying idea
dime 03 as ht 190819 hpMain 16x9 992
125-year-old dime sells for $1.32 million
190820 gma faris3 742 hpMain 16x9 992
Parents want to regain custody of 4-year-old son with cancer after stopping his chemo
190818 wftv missingboaters hpMain 16x9 992
2 off-duty firefighters missing after launching fishing boat Video
snake ht er 190820 hpMain v4x3 16x9 992
A traveler left a pet snake behind at a TSA checkpoint
boat 1 ht er 190820 hpMain 16x9 992
Man clinging to capsized sailboat for 12 hours rescued by boaters
jeffrey epstein rt jef 190711 hpMain 16x9 992
Jeffrey Epstein signed redrafted will 2 days before jail suicide
pacifica high school file gty jef 190819 hpMain 16x9 992
Video surfaces showing California high school students giving Nazi salute
police gty er 190801 hpMain 16x9 992
Man, woman dead in apparent murder-suicide; 2-year-old unharmed at the scene: Police
WireAP ee5adb6d9a024927b0a64de611b95fc1 16x9 992
Italian PM Conte to resign after League party pulls backing
brendan dolan king ht jef 190820 hpMain 16x9 992
Florida man arrested for having Trump-shaped ecstasy pills
ht Ohio fair 190819ka hpMain 16x9 992
Ohio boy makes big donation to St. Jude after winning $15,000 at county fair
omar tlaib abc er 190819 hpMain 16x9 992
Reps. Omar and Tlaib call on colleagues to visit Israel without them
lachazo 01 as ht 190820 hpMain 16x9 992
Appliance delivery man douses 75-year-old woman with chemical, beats her to death with mallet: Police
190820 ntl hair1 1239 hpMain 16x9 992
ABC News’ Janai Norman’s journey to wearing her natural hair on TV Video - ABC News
WireAP 2748bb0412024823a95f9cb1beaeaa13 16x9 992
Status hearing set for civil lawsuit against Jussie Smollett
migrants2 gty ml 190820 hpMain 16x9 992
Migrants rescued after jumping overboard from ship being denied port in Italy
bear house1 ht ml 190820 hpMain 16x9 992
'Scariest moment of our life': Video captures bear raiding the fridge as family
facebook 03 file gty jef 190802 hpMain 2 16x9 992
Facebook, Twitter remove accounts they say Chinese government was using to undermine in Hong Kong protests
WireAP 526ab386e1624a13b0aff202e51ae963 16x9 992
Spain: Weather change fuels hope to tackle island mega-fire
WireAP cb640929bfbb4146a4c01eee08e42639 16x9 992
Department stores make room for used fashion
WireAP dbfc1e06cde64d09b8691a0aba589dbd 16x9 992
Bosnia's bid to form a new govt fails over divisions on NATO
190724 abc mueller gohmert hpMain 16x9 992
Republican lawmaker asks Mueller about FBI agent who 'hated Trump' Video
190820 abc bear intruder hpMain 16x9 992
Bear breaks into California home Video
abc wn gutman 120708 wg
Computer Virus Warning Video
WireAP bbba21ee82ae4460af24245cae04043c 16x9 992
Police, protesters fill French beach resorts for G7 summit
WireAP d359208e7f304fcab4f0798530a523c7 16x9 992
Earth's future in being written in fast-melting Greenland
190820 vod debrief digital trends hpMain 16x9 992
Twitter, Facebook suspend Chinese social media accounts Video
WireAP aa63114ffbc14faf8c78b462ff3f4a39 16x9 992
New lawsuit seeks protection zone for Northwest orcas
190820 vod smollett hearing hpMain 16x9 992
Status hearing held on Chicago's lawsuit against Jussie Smollett Video
190819 wn ender 657 hpMain 16x9 992
12-year-old is only girl playing in Little League World Series Video
WireAP 5a5636d3a05e4d2ca7f0e812411bd1af 16x9 992
The Latest: Tusk says Johnson's plan will yield hard border
WireAP 0450d81e84cd400d93b9f2c5b5b35f43 16x9 992
Rohingya Muslims say they don't want to return to Myanmar
190820 vod debrief travers payroll hpMain 16x9 992
Trump pushes for temporary payroll tax cut amid US-China trade war Video
190809 atm plane rescue hpMain 16x9 992
Fishermen rescue passengers after plane crash Video
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