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WireAP 5a1c2fdf95d74075bd33dca9a261cb8a 16x9 992
‘Lean On Me,’ ‘Lovely Day’ singer Bill Withers dies at 81
BillKellyGreatGrandsonPax hpMain 16x9 992
95-year-old WWII veteran shares positive message after surviving coronavirus
medical supplies 2 gty aa 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
Medical supplies seized from alleged price gouger to be distributed to hospitals
capt crozier flt ht ps 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
Navy fires captain of aircraft carrier over leak of letter to leadership
coronavirus white house briefing 04 ap jc 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
White House considers plan to cover medical bills for millions of uninsured Americans
coronavirus6 gty ml 200403 hpMain 16x9 992
Coronavirus live updates: New York City morgues are almost full amid mounting death toll
check cashing rt jef 200402 hpMain 2 16x9 992
Coronavirus economic updates: US cuts 701K jobs in March, unemployment rate jumps to 4.4%
blood donation ap jef 200330 hpMain 16x9 992
FDA loosens restrictions on gay and bisexual men, encourages blood donations amid coronavirus crisis
trump coronavirus briefing 07 ap jef 200331 hpMain 16x9 992
Fewer than half of Americans believe their daily routine will return to normal by June, as fears over coronavirus rise: POLL
andrew cuomo gty jef 200324 hpMain 16x9 992
A timeline of Cuomo's and Trump's responses to coronavirus outbreak
covid 19 antibodies mo hpMain 20200402 224859 16x9 992
Colorado hospital calling for donors to help with experimental, 'promising' coronavirus treatment
white house coronavirus presser 04 ap jc 200325 hpMain 16x9 992
Social Security recipients to get relief payments directly to bank account without filing tax return
white house coronavirus presser 04 ap jc 200325 hpMain 16x9 992
Millions of Americans could wait months for mailed stimulus checks, IRS tells Dems
morgue trucks ny rt rc 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
Pentagon asked to provide 85 refrigerated trucks, 100K body bags for coronavirus response
unemployment line ap jef 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
What to do if you lost your health insurance amid coronavirus pandemic
Family says ‘Lean on Me’ singer-songwriter Bill Withers has died at 81
meek mill2 gty ml 180613 hpMain 2 16x9 992
Meek Mill, Jay-Z's criminal justice organization ramps up efforts to protect prisoners amid coronavirus threat
mike pence ap jef 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
Coronavirus government response updates: Pence says advisory on masks, facial coverings coming in next few days
super tuesday 57 jeff sessions rtr jc 200303 hpMain 16x9 992
Trump campaign demands Sessions stop "misleadingly" tying himself to Trump amid Senate bid
dog walker nyc mo hpMain 20200402 185904 16x9 992
People and pets help each other through coronavirus pandemic
gavin newsom abc aa 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
California governor says state will 'rely disproportionately on ourselves' over federal government amid outbreak
border crossing 01 ap jef 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
Mexico, Central America urge action to stop coronavirus spreading from US
zach ht ay 200331 hpMain 16x9 992
In COVID-19 crisis, patients are left waiting as hospitals put major surgeries on hold
Virus Outbreak Tekashi 6ix9ine 200402 hpMain 20200402 042138 16x9 992
Rapper Tekashi69 granted early release from prison over coronavirus concerns
200402 abc pan houston mayor hpMain 16x9 992
COVID-19 is causing mayors throughout the country to determine a plan of action for their cities Video
WireAP cc614fa248c846b5b389c85fcdd49fe2 16x9 992
US allowing longer shifts at nuclear plants in pandemic
nasa ht ml 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
12,000 people apply for NASA's next class of astronauts, with plans to reach Mars
200402 abc social fdny hpMain 16x9 992
Firefighters applaud New York City health care workers Video
200403 wnn sandell pic hpMain 16x9 992
Potential coronavirus treatment Video
200402 wnn ganss2 pic hpMain 16x9 992
Adopting pets amid coronavirus outbreak Video
Greg Turner 4 NTL AR 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
Detroit hospitals 'getting crushed' as Michigan coronavirus cases surge
holyoke soldiers home rex aa 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
At least 12 of 18 dead at Massachusetts veterans hospital had COVID-19
gun shop file ap jef 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
Coronavirus fears help push gun background checks to record levels in March
WireAP eec22419aa4d494ca3dd8e105314faf7 16x9 992
Israel to help Christians share 'holy fire' amid outbreak
florida primary 01 file gty jef 200401 hpMain 16x9 992
How experts worry the coronavirus outbreak could cloud the 2020 general election
coronavirus usa ap aa 200302 hpMain 16x9 992
Washington nursing home could face fines for allegedly mishandling virus spread
WireAP 7546b4a55cd44f9cb7ce7e2842c2f95e 16x9 992
Wisconsin doctor, husband targeted and killed, police say
WireAP 03de371e93df4d8bb4a21f2ea674754f 16x9 992
US border construction projects spur rural coronavirus fears
berlin wall east gallery rtr jc 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
Section of Berlin Wall torn down to build condos
WireAP 806e0cc2098f44ce886956601a3e6909 16x9 992
Trump campaign calls Sessions 'delusional' in letter
200402 ntl health 2 1152 hpMain 16x9 992
Michigan Gov. Whitmer: We need 'a national strategy’ to combat the coronavirus Video
chris reed file gty ml 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
'There are a lot of struggles': Recovering addicts say coronavirus creates new challenge to stay sober
ymca 01 zp jc 200402 hpMain 16x9 992
Nonprofit organizations ask for stimulus money as resources dry up in coronavirus pandemic
trump coronavirus briefing 07 ap jef 200331 hpMain 16x9 992
Pro-Trump super PAC announces $10M ad buy targeting Biden
WireAP 57b4dfdcdad04606b46219212fb9a08b 16x9 992
Fire officials save cold kitten that was stuck on a roof
200402 abc social hospital hpMain 16x9 992
Connecticut National Guard converts arena into hospital Video
WireAP 5d66e93cb9b343a39d7e1fa47934922a 16x9 992
Jobs report Friday is expected to end record hiring streak
WireAP 82e329d03ca543e3a2193b3d28ff61e4 16x9 992
Asian stocks tumble after Wall Street rises on pricier oil
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