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equal abc er 191020 hpMain 16x9 992
Girls soccer team is yellow-carded after wearing ‘equal pay’ shirts
fort stewart ht er 191020 hpMain 16x9 992
3 US Army soldiers killed during training at Fort Stewart in Georgia, officials say
pompeo 01 as rt 191019 hpMain 16x9 992
'I never saw that' : Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Mulvaney quid pro quo admission
Alesandro 1 ap er 191020 hpMain 16x9 992
Thomas D’Alesandro III, brother to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has died
invasion 1 abc er 191017 hpMain 16x9 992
'He fought them,' father says of son killed on his birthday defending his family in Texas home invasion
fourth debate biden warren 01 ap jef 191015 hpMain 16x9 992
Elizabeth Warren gets taste of what it really means to be a front-runner
elizabeth warren mo hpMain 20191020 173423 16x9 992
Elizabeth Warren to release long-sought-after plan to fund Medicare for All
WireAP 490d8d222cdd43778840fc069b1510c8 16x9 992
Researchers find 2nd warship from WWII Battle of Midway
doral trump gty ps 191017 hpMain 16x9 992
G-7 summit won't be at Trump National Doral Miami resort: Trump
WireAP 86886065dd944b9abd114320905e7d3b 16x9 992
New York Medal of Honor recipient won't run for Congress
vickery 1 ht er 191020 hpMain v4x3 16x9 992
Man beats peeping Tom to death after catching him outside girlfriend's window
WireAP cfe3196c7427425f92ad51d62c50ba29 16x9 992
Qantas completes longest non-stop New York-Sydney flight
Mulvaney ap er 191017 hpMain 16x9 992
White House acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney doubles down on denying he admitted to Ukraine quid pro quo
WireAP 6f23c1256faf4d988abce6602827bdbf 16x9 992
Caught up in Trump impeachment, US diplomats fight back
police gty er 190801 hpMain 16x9 992
11-month-old clinging to life after being shot four times in back seat of car
WireAP b4ebfd07af8646339f26d1b8c0e818f1 16x9 992
California relishes role as liberal trendsetter, Trump foe
menendez 01 as gty 191019 hpMain 16x9 992
Trump administration betrayed Kurdish allies in Syria: Sen. Bob Menendez
pompeo 02 as epa 191019 hpMain 16x9 992
Secretary Mike Pompeo defends deal brokered with Turkey to temporarily halt military operations in Syria
philadelphia shooting wpvi mo 20191020 hpMain 16x9 992
2-year-old shot dead in Philadelphia day after 11-month-old survives being shot 4 times
bei bei gty er 191020 hpMain 16x9 992
National Zoo says bye bye to Bei Bei: 4-year-old panda to leave for China
WireAP ce98014c5cad4638adffcc6fea830023 16x9 992
Defense chief: US troops leaving Syria to go to western Iraq
medical waste stock gty jef 191018 hpMain 16x9 992
A quarter of US healthcare spending is waste, report says
sinkhole 1 ht er 191020 hpMain 16x9 992
Man missing after falling into sinkhole and getting swept away in drain pipes
pompeo 03 as ap 191019 hpMain 16x9 992
'This Week' Transcript 10-20-19: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Sen. Bob Menendez
WireAP 8eab3d1cc78d44f78b5713ec56a0e23c 16x9 992
'Captain America' Chris Evans helps dedicate youth theater
WireAP 648e157cbc16487c8850130befd66bd1 16x9 992
MLB umpire Eric Cooper dies at 52; did playoffs 2 weeks ago
WireAP f5c6c6f8d1044e14bb8e281e48533558 16x9 992
Chile protests continue after gov't backs down on fare hike
WireAP 736d5a5849514e61a1cea09fa6d29337 16x9 992
Tension thaws over whale plan between lobstermen, feds
WireAP 107d3a8fb0774aeeb287da7a47a36ba5 16x9 992
Republicans to push for censure of Schiff in probe
WireAP 6e566c33cf7b480b985664b50dbbe73d 16x9 992
Killing took place in New York, but Nicaragua hosts trial
turtle 1 ht er 191020 hpMain 16x9 992
Trafficking ring involving thousands of turtles uncovered by Florida wildlife officials
191018 wn karl  hpMain 16x9 992
Nancy Pelosi: Mulvaney Ukraine comment was a ‘confession’ Video
WireAP c84f1b544b1a4bef8c5ec26e1db9558a 16x9 992
Bolivia's Morales leads vote, but seems headed for runoff
191013 wn ender hpMain 16x9 992
College football player salutes the man he calls dad Video
WireAP 7a9e77c049404e3587ae772dd282b0a3 16x9 992
UK's Johnson asks for a Brexit delay that he doesn't want
WireAP a8c644313cd34521bc5d2d91299e3495 16x9 992
Pakistanis hoist miles-long Kashmir flag in solidarity march
WireAP 23cc529367634239bedc73b187606ea0 16x9 992
Where you die can affect your chance of being an organ donor
WireAP ce98014c5cad4638adffcc6fea830023 16x9 992
Pentagon chief says US troops leaving Syria for western Iraq
WireAP 780c4f3770dc4770b01bda3d4f7aa18a 16x9 992
Swiss choose new parliament, vote could see Green gains
WireAP 0e7522766388433c96ae6d35869c59d7 16x9 992
Lebanon braces for massive anti-government protests
WireAP 3dea8796296b466886bbb501752e98e2 16x9 992
Review: Elbow's powerful new album a reflection of its time
191020 gma wright2 hpMain 16x9 992
Trump decides not to host G-7 at Doral Resort
WireAP 095c411640cd4b2c8829a2f63424e117 16x9 992
Trump drops plan to host G-7 at Doral
WireAP 70fc4a50559248b29ed2a216805e7089 16x9 992
Italian ex-premier Renzi seeks to create new center-right
WireAP 6d1bba577211406089a54058285521ae 16x9 992
The Latest: Morales leads Bolivia vote, but runoff likely
WireAP 095c411640cd4b2c8829a2f63424e117 16x9 992
Trump drops plan to host G-7 at his Doral golf resort
191020 tw roundtable2 hpMain 16x9 992
'Get yourself a lawyer and do it fast': Rahm Emanuel's advice to Mulvaney Video
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