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July 20: Xa’Drian Ashton Adams, child of Aniastasia Allen and Xavier Adams; Serenity Ann Jennies, child of Jamie Henley and Michael Jennies; Da’Royal Juelz Southall, child of Whitney Southall. Aug. 23: Jaela U’nae Dillard, child of Jataun Cooper and Tim Dillard; Malaki John Verdin, child of Emily Parfait and Kelard Verdin.

The Angle

Subject Matter

  • Culture, pop culture 37.29%
  • Government and social 33.90%
    • Education, schools and universities 100.00%
  • Arts and entertainment 28.81%
    • Music, film and television 100.00%

Emotional Reaction






Dimensions/Depth Chart

If you find a dimension intereseting, we recommend you pick up one or two facts that you find intriguing and place them into your memory. That way you will have 2nd degree information about the topic if it comes up in conversation.

Accordingly, you can do the same with others as well.