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CrossFit quits Facebook, Instagram, accuses social media giant of censorship, being 'utopian socialists'
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Cooper grills Facebook VP for keeping Pelosi video up - CNN Video
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YouTube Censors Lauren Southern Documentary 'Borderless' | Breitbart
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Trump Intends To Deploy 1,500 Troops To The Middle East : NPR
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Ransomware attacks in US cities are using a stolen NSA tool
Culture GoT Helen Sloan
'Game of Thrones': A Battle of Reality Versus Fantasy
Australian tech unicorn Canva suffers security breach | ZDNet
885 Million Records Exposed Online: Bank Transactions, Social Security Numbers, and More
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This is one smart device that every urban home could use – TechCrunch
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Facebook exec's defense of the 'drunk Pelosi' video doesn't add up
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Bluetooth could be the surprise assassin of Huawei's smartphone business
A doctored video of Nancy Pelosi shows social media giants ill-prepared for 2020
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Huawei Ban Threatens Wireless Service in Rural Areas
New Bullet Train Model ‘Supreme’ Hits Record Speed in Test Run
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You've been reading the wrong horoscope for years because the stars have shifted – here's your real zodiac sign
Tesla Model 3 moose test jpg?resize=1024,539
Watch Tesla Model 3 ace the 'Moose test' - Electrek
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CrossFit Bails on Facebook's Censorship by 'Utopian Socialists' | Breitbart
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Caviar 'Game of Thrones' Samsung Galaxy Fold
India's Monkeys Keep Killing People, so Scientists Are Trying Radical New Sterilization Strategies
Generic Spotify Hero 728x476
Spotify does the unthinkable and adds a sleep timer on Android
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Startups Weekly: VCs are drunk on beverage startups – TechCrunch
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Overwatch League commissioner leaves to head competitive 'Fortnite'
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Nissan says its Leaf batteries will outlast the car by 10-12 years - Electrek
cyberpunkstack 576x215
30-plus years of HyperCard, the missing link to the Web
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