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Other Cooking Terms

may 15, 2020 Sean
other cooking terms

An Italian term for pasta that is cooked until it is tender but firm.
To moisten food with its own drippings, or with a sauce, to add flavor and prevent it from drying.
An uncooked, smooth, pourable mixture of flour, liquid, and other ingredients.
To thoroughly mix two or more ingredients.
To coat with crumbs before cooking.
To cook with high heat on a stove to caramelize the food’s exterior.
Heating sugar, usually with a torch, to liquify it into a brown syrup, which is then usually allowed to re-harden as a crust.
To remove impurities from a liquid, such as melted butter, by skimming the surface of the liquid as it is heated.
An imprecise measurement — approximately 1/8 teaspoon.
To mix a dry substance with a liquid until the two become a solution.
A spoonful of soft food, such as whipped cream or mashed potatoes.
Fats and juices rendered by meat while cooking.
To lightly sprinkle a liquid over food.
To coat food with a dry, powdery ingredient like powdered sugar.
The process of combining two liquids that don’t naturally combine, such as vinegar and olive oil.
Using a fork to whip air into a dish, such as cooked rice before it is served.
Combining ingredients gently by repeatedly lifting the mixture from the sides and folding it on top of itself.
To decorate a dish before serving to enhance its appearance and add a little flavor.
To mechanically chop and crush solids down into fine particles.
To cut fruits, vegetables or cheeses into long, thin strips.
To press dough with the palms of your hands.
A small amount you can hold between your thumb and forefinger(s).
To remove the pit from fruits.
Breaking down food in a blender so that it becomes completely smooth.
Boiling a sauce to evaporate the liquid and make it thicker.
To cook fatty meat over low heat for the purpose of gathering the drippings.
To slice grooves into the outer surface of food.
To put dry ingredients through a sieve to remove lumps or large particles.
To remove unwanted solids (like fat and cream) from the surface of a liquid while it’s cooking.
To mix ingredients in a circular motion and cause them to blend.
To combine ingredients using a lifting motion.
To beat quickly in order to incorporate air and expand a mixture, as is done with egg whites.
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