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Food Prep Techniques

may 15, 2020 Sean
food prep

What is done with eggs, for instance, before you cook them scrambled.
Cutting food into small, equal-sized pieces.
Softening butter into a smooth consistency and then mixing it with other ingredients.
Pressing or pinching into small folds or ridges, as is done with pie crust.
Removing the bones from meat.
Removing seeds from fruits and vegetables.
Chopping into tiny squares.
Slicing thin like is done with fish.
Pouring sauce onto meat or other foods while they are still hot to impart flavor and glaze.
Using a grater to pare down things like vegetables and cheese into fine slices or zest.
Using measuring cups or spoons to measure dry ingredients, like flour or sugar.
Using special measuring cups to measure the volume of liquid ingredients.
Chopping as small as possible into teeny tiny pieces, typically done with ginger, garlic, and chiles.
Removing the skin from vegetables.
Washing and cleaning vegetables under cold running water to remove dirt and germs.
Using a rolling pin to flatten dough.
Like grating, but resulting in bigger, longer pieces.
Removing the skin from meat.
Cutting with a knife into thin slices.
Pounding meat with a special hammer to break down the muscle and make it tender (so that it cooks faster and more evenly).
Removing any inedible or damaged parts of food before use.
Finely grating the skin of fruits such as lemons or oranges (generally citrus fruits).
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