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    TheNewsHOOK's Mission

    Provide news tools and analytics to help readers not just read the news, but learn the news.

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    Streamlined News Gathering

    A set of tools to analyze trending news stories and surface key insights using streamlined data-mining.

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    News Toolkit

    Understand the full stack of a news story, from the big picture down to the gritty details.

News Toolkit - News Analytics, Search Explorers, and Other Resources

TheNewsHOOK features helpful online research tools and resources to help you learn and understand the news. Don't just read the news, learn the news!

News Analytics

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The cliff notes for trending
news stories

Map Tool:
Click anywhere on the map to find local news

How to use this Map Tool

  1. You can zoom in on a region of interest either by:
    1. Entering the name of the location in the search bar below
    2. Using the map controls
  2. Click on the map to choose an exact location and a red marker will appear
  3. Click on the red location marker to see the latest local news for that area
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